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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Marketing Is So Famous, But Why?


Marketing is a common word which comes to listen many times in our daily life. But most people did not know why this word is so famous in the market? 
People who are in the business or engaged in the job profiles of this word should know about this word and the power of this word.
So don't worry about that. You have a question is your mind for this word. Here in this blog, you will found answers to your question.

What is marketing in business:-

                                                         In any business, marketing plays an important role. This can be defined as the set of activities that are performed by any organization so that products and the services of that organization can be promoted in the market.
These activities of promotions include selling, delivery, and advertisings through various methods. So this is an important term that applies to every business whether a business is small or business is big.    
Its role for any business is most important and without this doing business cannot be easy.

Importance of Marketing:-

                                                      In a business marketing is a self-disciplined process of doing business. Many activities are involved in this term which helps to business for attracting the customers and make relations with these customers so that these customers will stay long life with business.
Both clients who were part of the business or the potential customers of that business are part of these activities. That is why marketing is important to business for selling services or products.

Activities and stages which Are Performed Under Marketing:-

                                                                                          Till now we have to understand marketing and its importance to any business. We come to know that there are some activities which are performed under this concept to promote the products and service.
Let us discuss these activities which are taken under marketing.
Promotions: -
                        This is used to showing the services and products of the business among the customers which can be passed customers or are potential customers as well.
Promotion includes many activities in which advertisement is one of the important. Advertisements can be achieved in many different ways.
Selling: -
                 After promoting the product and identify potential customers there is an important the task convert these into valuable customers by selling them products and services.
 Products or services are sells to them by the organization and make them engaged with the business for long term relationships. 
                   After identifying the customers and convert them into sales important activity is the delivery of products and services. Products and services delivered to the customers in a quality manner so that these customers can be converted into the valuable property for the business.
This is the simple definition of marketing and the importance of marketing for any business. Some best strategies are suitable for marketing in any organization. These strategies are defined as mentioned here below.
1.       Social Media For Marketing:-
                                                       As far as technology is improving. Internet services are also improving and spreading up to every corner of the world. Peoples are using the internet for various activities.
Social media is one of these activities which people doing with their smartphones only. We cannot ignore social media nowadays because many potential customers are there which are hidden and can be identifying with the help of social media only.
Social media is a powerful tool that is suitable to promote products among potential customers to convert them into sales.
2.       Video tutorial Marketing:-
                                                 A part of social media video content is an important and valuable tool that can be used for the marketing of any business. 
With the increasing numbers of internet users, video contents are the most valuable with the highest reach up to potential consumers.
Organizations can use video platforms to promote products as well. It is an easy and fast way to reach up to the customers to show services and products.
3.       Blogging:-
                     We cannot ignore the power of the internet. Blogging is another method of promoting products in front of customers. It is different in blogging that in these products, services of any business promoted through the writing form.
In blogging written contents are made and serve in front of customers with the elaboration of the features and types of various services which are offered by organizations.
4.       Influencing Marketing:-
                                                This is the part of internet marketing as well. It helps organizations for promoting the services and products. This is best suitable against waiting for creating the audiences on platforms.
In these concepts, organizations hire influencers who already have a community of customers on their platforms such as on YouTube channels. Organizations make deal with them to use their channels for promoting the products and services.        

           How Term Marketing Work for Any Business:-

                                                                                           Marketing works for any business to make the business profitable and sell the products and services of the organizations.
The working of marketing is based on the term "Marketing Mix. What is the marketing mix? This is the term used in marketing which refers to the actions taken by the company to promote the services and products.
The concept of the marketing mix 4P model is being used by the organizations to market the products and services. These 4Ps of the marketing mix are defined as mentioned here below.
1.       Product:-
                    This is known as the first P of the marketing mix in marketing. Product is referred to as the item or items that are planned by the organization which will be offered to customers of the organization. 
Marketers need to know about the products which will be attracting to customers. Which type of offers and features to be imparted in the items so that the products of the company can differ from the competitors?
The product can be an item or can be a type of service that will be offered to customers by the organization.
2.       Price:-
                 This is the 2nd P of marketing mix which can be defined as the term in which refers to the "Price" of the product which the company going to sell to its customers.
Price is the combination of the total cost which is imparted to produce that particular product including marketing cost as well.
The organization should consider the price of the competitors presents in the market and they should analyze that the price they going to offer is sufficient to provide an alternative to customers in the market.
3.       Place:-
              This is the 3rd term of the marketing mix and defined as the place where the products of the organizations going to sell by companies. 
This includes the considerations through which method company going to sell these products to the customers. All the analyses carried out whether the products will be sold online or offline.
What type of distribution channel will be adopted to sell these products and which place is suitable for the products which are designed to sell by organizations?
4.       Promotions:-
                          This is the 4th P of the marketing mix. This is an important term of the marketing used by the organizations. In this term, organizations defined the integrated methods of communications to be used in marketing. 
Promotion includes a variety of activities which is includes advertising, selling, sales, public relations, etc.
This is defined by analyzing the needs and requirements of the potential customers to which products need to be sold.             


                     So we have come to know about the marketing term and it’s important for any business. So this is an important term which is useful for any type of business in this world.
There are very few chances that the business will get success if there the marketing is ignored by any business. The attraction of customers towards the business will be carried out by marketing which includes many terms and strategies.
Hence the marketing should be taken seriously and important by any business.

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