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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Small Manufacturing business Ideas in India

Manufacturing business Ideas in India
Manufacturing business Ideas in India 
Small manufacturing business ideas in India leads to big ventures in the future. Have a look at the examples here and try to correlate them with your business idea.

Reliance Industries was started in 1966 as “Polyester firm.”

Tata was founded in 1868 as “Trading Firm.”

Vedanta was founded in 1976 as “Scrap Metal Dealership”.

All these are examples for Indian giants when they were started at their initial stages. It is always helpful to take small steps and move in an upward direction from year to year.

With the change from time to time business aspects also changed. You don't need to think for a higher level of occupation to be tagged as a business.

With the change in time lifestyle of people is also changed and many fields are born in the field of entrepreneurship.
Now you do not need to have a large amount of money to start your venture as a startup. You can start this with a lower amount as well even some of the schemes are available which can be started with low investment as much as 10,000 INR.

Here I bring to you some venture ideas on which you can have a look to start at a lower level.
List of small manufacturing business ideas in India

Small Manufacturing Business from Home

1.      Herbal oil Manufacturing:-

                                                                      Oil in a liquid form derived from various sources such as mustered, almond, coconut.  Market demand is huge in various fields for the oil as market segmentation different for different types of needs. 

This allows starting a startup in this field by processing oil from its origin. You can start you according to the availability of raw material from which you have to derive oil.

The government is also providing various schemes to smart this. You can take benefits from these schemes as well.

2.  Papad Making:-

                                            Food is already in high demand as everyone preferred to eat at least one time outside from the house within a period. 

Papad has used a salad along with food in functions and also used in restaurants to serve with food in front of customers.

Ingredients required to build Papad is easily available at lower costs which you can purchase from local markets easily.

You can start manufacturing at a lower scale and start selling these products in the local market.

3.       Soap Making:-

                                        In India, there is huge stock available of various herbs naturally. These herbs are full of med clinical properties and give beneficial benefits when applied on skins. 

Opportunity comes in this from the habit of taking a bath every morning by Indian peoples. You can grab this opportunity and convert this into the low investment manufacturing business.

4.       Making of Biscuits:-

                                                 Making of cookies and biscuits can be a small scale business idea in which you can start with a lower amount of money with you. People always looking for something different from the packed which are offered by the companies.

You can start this venture by providing cookies made from traditional recipes. Hence making of cookies on a smalls scale level is an idea that you consider in mind to start.

5.      Dairy Products:-

                                            India is one of the largest milk producers in the world as well as a large consumer also. Many types of dairy products are available in the markets which are processed and produce in the factories.

But there is a huge demand for the products which are homemade such as Paneer, Ghee, and Cottage butter?    

You can start the manufacturing of these products with a low initial investment.

6.    Making of Agarbatti and Incense Sticks:-  

                                                                                                               Agarbatti is a product which has huge demand in the Indian market as well as in other countries also. Making these products can be beneficial in a planned way.

The availability of raw material is also easy which required making this. Hence you can look for a start this small manufacturing business n India with low investment.

7.       Paper Bags Making:-

                                                       Due to pollution plastic bags banned by the government. This creates a vacuum in the supply chain system because of a shortage of packed material. You can grab this opportunity.

These bags are in high demand nowadays at various places. That is why this can be a good idea to start a small scale industry project.

The raw material for this is also not a constraint and easily available and equipment required can be purchased from the market easily.

You will contribute to the environment saving also by start this as there is no impact of papers on environment and this material is recyclable.

8.       Paper Cups and Plates:-

                                                                  These products are in huge demand as there is no impact of these products on the environment as well all these are disposable and recyclable. 

To start this minimum equipment is required and the raw material is also available in the market. You can consider this scheme to implement for creating a small industry idea.

9.       Blocks of Concrete Manufacturing:-

                                                                                                Many government schemes are there for the development of villages and small towns of India. In these schemes on schemes is to provide ways in villages which are made with concretes.

On another side in the construction sector bricks are replaced by these blocks as the process of making these is environmentally friendly.

You can start this low investment manufacturing business with a minimum amount and build a venture.

10.   Handmade Bags and Accessories:-

                                                                                          Bags and Purses are essential in the life of humans for both men and women. As there is a huge demand for bags for collecting various other things when you go to the market for shopping.
Handmade bags are low in cost and easily affordable to all against other luxurious items. You can consider this idea to start making of small scale industry in India.

 You will need to hire skilled people who can make designer pieces as people always looking for new designs.

11.   Jewelry:-

                        Modern women specially working women always looking for jewelry that is light in weight and looks differently.  This can be the most profitable business idea to start on a lower amount.

You can start assembly of various types of jewelry used in routine day to day life by women.  Instead of gold and silver, there is a huge demand for artificial jewelry.

These days' social media helping to boost the sales by direct promoting the products on these platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp also.

Conclude Small Manufacturing business Ideas in India

                   The start is always though when you want to start something new in your life. I won't tell you that you will get huge profits by just starting the stage of your business. 
You have to put continue efforts and maintain your consistency to get success in the manufacturing business in India.

But keep in mind always start is important to convert an idea into a profitable venture. So start searching ideas and learn how to implement these ideas into a venture.

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