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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Profitable 6 small business ideas for rural areas in India In 2021

small business ideas for rural area in India

Most of the population of India lives in rural areas. If you are looking for small business ideas for rural areas in India then you are on the right path.

According to data, nearly 70% of the population lives in rural areas, which means you have a great opportunity to start your business. 

There are new ways available to start a business that can be started with minimum initial investments.

Starting a business is not a difficult process. To start a business you need to find a good idea that can solve a problem or add some value to the life of human beings.

There are many opportunities available that can convert into profitable businesses even if living in a rural area of India.

Here is a brief detail of the most profitable business in rural area in India.

  • Organic Vegetables and Products

  • Poultry

  • Dairy Farming

  • Supply of drinking water

  • Karyana Stores

  • Agriculture Allied

Best Business to Start in Rural Area

Let’s have a brief on the various business ideas that can be started from the rural areas of India.

Organic Vegetables and Products:- 

small business ideas for rural area in india

This idea can be the most profitable small business idea for rural areas in India. We all know that in traditional ways of vegetable cultivation, many types of harmful pesticide is being used.

By eating these vegetables many diseases occur in the human body. This is the biggest opportunity to start a business. 

Organic vegetable business means growing vegetables in a natural environment without the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Most of the people living in rural areas of India have their own lands where you can grow organic vegetables.

Without the use of any pesticides, vegetables grow in a natural way by using natural pesticides.

You can grow these vegetables and sell them directly in the market by opening an evening shop.

For the marketing of your venture, you can take the help of social media as well.

Poultry Farming:- 

small business ideas for rural area in india

Poultry farming can be another good idea that can be used for small business ideas for rural areas in India.

There are many types of poultry farming such as layer farming, broiler farming, and so on. Every type of farming has its own profits and losses.

You have to find a suitable type of farming according 

  • Environmental conditions

  • Land availability

  • Capital investment required

  • Available Market

To start a poultry farm you can undergo training that is provided by various government institutes and other bodies.

You can contact the officials of the agriculture departments of your district. Choose a wise project and enter into the business.

Dairy Farming:- 

small business ideas for rural area in india

Dairy farming is another good business idea to start from a rural area. If you have your own land then this can be best suitable for you because you need to grow green fodder for your animals.

This is one of the top business ideas in rural areas. To enter the dairy farming business you have to undergo training from the animal husbandry department in your district.

After taking training from various institutes you can also apply for a loan to start your venture.

In the dairy farming business, you can earn through various ways such as 

  • By sell milk in the retail market

  • By sell milk to various companies

  • By producing and selling products such as “Paneer'', ``Ghee''.

  • By supplying milk to sweet shops.

  • Or by selling animals after making good milking breeds.

In the dairy business, you have to choose a breed of higher capacity milk. Your hard work will pay you in terms of money.

In your farming, you also need to work on 

  • Feed management

  • Disease management

  • Environmental conditions of your farm

Supply Of Drinking Water:- 

Water is an essential ingredient to live on earth. Since the water is being supplied up to each and every house and family but in some conditions demand for water increases.

These conditions are marriage and other social programs.

If we talk about commercially from hotels, restaurants up to big houses, every place requires water to drink. 

This demand brings to you a great opportunity to start a water supply business.

Yes, you can start a business in which you can supply the drinking water either packed in campers or bottles. 

To start that you will require a water treatment plant to install in a small area. 

With the small capital investment, you can start this business.  This can be an innovative idea for rural areas if served carefully and with proper planning. 

Before starting this business you can consider the conditions such as

- Location


- Quantity to deliver

- Packaging

- Any authorization required

- Method of delivery 

Karyana Stores

small business ideas for rural area in india

Karyana stores are the shops where the delivery of essential items takes place in retailing.

The shopkeeper who is the owner of this store purchases the items from other locations and starts supplying to the areas where the shops are not available. 

All the essential items such as flour, oil, food ingredients, packaged milk, water, bread, etc supplied through these stores.

Day by day the population of rural areas is increasing. That increasing population creates a demand in the market. That can be good small business ideas for rural areas in India.

Karyana stores can fulfill this demand by supplying essential items to the people. 

The increasing population generates high demand for these items which's why you can start this business with a low investment.

To start this business you have to locate a proper location of your store where the movement of people is more or the area where the density of population is high.

Before starting, look for the market from which you can purchase these essential items at cheap prices and supply them to the people through your store by adding your margin.

Points to be considered before starting this

- Make sure to find a good location to open the store.

- Find out the market from where you can purchase items in bulk at lower prices.

- Open a good and presentable store.

- Start marketing of your business on social media.

Agriculture Related

This is another good idea to start a business with small investments. People who are living in rural areas have their own agricultural lands and fields. 

Most of them are doing agriculture on these lands. Apart from regular crops, you can start some agriculture allied business, such as 

Goat Farming

Pig Farming

Rabbit Farming

Bee Keeping



These are the sectors where opportunities are knocking out. 

You can undergo the training and take some learning on all these which is provided by the government and agriculture departments.

After taking training you can enter into these businesses.


These are some good and profitable small business ideas for rural areas in India.

Once you decide to move into some business, you can consider these ideas to start your own business and ventures.

We wish you the best of luck for your future. 

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