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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Short Term Computer Courses List After 10th and 12th | Best Guide

Short term computer courses list

Short term computer courses list will help you to find out the best-in-class courses that are going to help you in your academic and professional life.

The computer is now becoming a part of a routine life that helps you to collect and store data related to your field.

Computer courses for government jobs are also helpful in case you are preparing for government job examinations.

The computer short courses names list is described here for your references so that you can choose the best from this short term computer courses list.

Short Term IT Courses in India

A computer becomes a necessity in daily routine life where it helps you to manage and store your data related to various tasks.

It will help you to manage your business as well. 

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That's why computer courses will help you in various ways. Different courses are available these days that you can pursue in your academics and your professional journey.

Here is the list of courses 

Basic Computer Short Term Computer Course List

The computer is an important part of life for individuals or professionals. Either any official work or any study-related work for students, the computer plays an important role.

That's why it is important that you should know about the computer.

To get understand you can pursue the courses mentioned here below.

Basic Computer Course

A basic computer course is the first stage of learning about computers. In this short-term computer courses list, you will get basic learnings about the various functions and processes related to computers.

This course usually takes one to three months.

In this course, you will learn 

How does the computer work?

Applications of the computer.

Functions of different parts.

Basics about Software and hardware.

MS Office 

While using a computer, you will go through various applications of the computer. One important application is to prepare various writing works and maintaining data in different formats.

For this, you need to be familiar with MS OFFICE. 

MS OFFICE software provides you a combination of applications such as MS WORD, MS EXCEL, POWERPOINT, etc.

This course is one of the Short term computer courses list usually takes one to three months to complete.

Designing Courses

Some designing courses are very popular as the short term courses of computers that you can pursue after completion of your studies.

These courses are 




These courses are helpful for engineering students who are looking for careers in the designing field.

A part of these professional designing courses one can do courses such as Graphic Designing.

In Graphic Designing you will learn to create different graphics that are used in different platforms of digital marketing.    

Accounting Software

Accounting software is very useful in various aspects of businesses. These are used for making invoices and maintaining the data of any business.

One of this software is the "Tally".

By learning this software you will be able to learn about the process of billing, invoicing, and data entries.

Tally is one of the best courses on the Short term computer courses list.

Programming Language

Different programming languages are used in different fields of computer.

These languages are 




C etc.

These courses usually take 2 to 3 months to complete.

Web Development

The Internet becomes very helpful for every business to grow. Every business and individual is looking for their own websites. This increases the demand for websites.

You can also learn the web developments. You will learn about the different processes of website development. This usually takes 3 to months to learn.

Apps Development

As much as a website is important for any business. In this way, "Applications" are also important. 

You can also learn about the application developments. After completion of this course, you will be able to develop applications and start your earning by providing services to different businesses.

Conclusion On Short Term Computer Course List

So these are the lists of short-term courses that a student or individual can pursue during or after the studies.

These courses will be helpful to create a better career in their academics. 

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