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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Class 12 bst Project on Marketing Management | Features, Principle of Management On Big Bazaar

Class 12 bst project on marketing management

Class 12 bst project on marketing management is one of the educational and learning projects for the students.

It gives a clear picture view to students on an important business process that is known as “MARKETING”.

As marketing is an important business process and plays an important role in every business. So we need to understand marketing management. 

Marketing Management 

Marketing Management is the process of managing all the activities that are related to the marketing of any product or service. The common activities are as





Within class 12 bst project on marketing management activities are involved in the marketing are detailed here below.

  • Selection of target market

  • Customers growth within the target market

  • Creating value within the customers through products and services

Features of a Good Marketing Management 

Here are good features of the best marketing management 

  • Good market research

  • Planning

  • Design and Development of a product or service

  • Grading and Standardization

  • Packing

  • Branding

  • Customer services

  • Pricing of product or service

  • Promotion of product

  • Distribution

  • Transportation system

  • Warehousing and storage

4P of marketing plays important role in the class 12 bst project on marketing management

Marketing Mix {4P}

Marketing mix is an important factor in marketing management systems for any business. The marketing mix is also known as the 4P’s of marketing.  

These are the 4Ps of Marketing Management


Product is an important element of any business to sell in the market. What type of product you re going to produce from your business to sell to the target audiences

Here are the different variables of the product

  • Product Line

  • Shape, design, and features of the product

  • Method of packing and labeling

  • Branding

  • Product servicing


The most crucial product of the marketing mix is the “Price.” In other terms, Price is the valuation of the product in the market that is mentioned on the product by the seller or manufacturer. 

Variables of price mix are as 

  • Discounts applicable to capture the market

  • Sales team

  • Delivery terms

  • Pricing strategy of the products

On the competing platform price is an important factor. 

That’s why it should be selected very carefully. 


Place in class 12 bst project on marketing management is another important factor that involves the target and selected market for your product. 

Delivery at the right time within the right customers is important, that is why the place should be selected very carefully. 

Making available the product within the customers distribution channel is also an important factor to select.

Here are the different variables that are important in the “Place.”

  • Distribution network

  • Marketing channels for distribution

  • Inventory control, Warehousing, and Transportation so that product will be available for consumers on time.

Business Studies Class 12 Project on Principles of Management on Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is a popular brand name in the retail store market. It has multiple stores that are located in different cities of India.

Approximately 300 Million people within India walk into stores every year to purchase their needy materials.

Principle of Management 

Principles of management are the activities that are implied on any organization to plan, organize and control the operations of organization. 

This principle provides the directions and coordination to the operations of any organization.


Class 12 bst project on marketing management is the option to learn various marketing management techniques for the students. 

Marketing is an important part within any business and without a planned and organized marketing strategy business will not succeed. 

So learn carefully and best of luck for your future learnings. 


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