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Monday, May 17, 2021

Marketing Management Project on Hand Sanitizer | Class 12, Making


marketing management project on hand sanitizer

Are you looking for a marketing management project on hand sanitizer then we are here to help you in business studies class 12 project on marketing management.

Stay with us to learn valuable content here.

So let’s go towards this project in detail.

What is marketing business definition

First of all you need to understand about Marketing. In simple words we can say that “Marketing is a process of business in which promotion and advertisement activities of a product is carried out by an organization.”

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What is the importance of marketing for a business ?

Finding the target audiences and showing them products and services is the important part of every business. 

All the activities of promoting and advertising of products are the combination of a marketing process.

It is important for every business to reach out to their target audiences and make them aware about the product and services that the company is going to deliver.

So let us move further and work on marketing management project on hand sanitizer

Market survey project on hand sanitizer

Let’s suppose “Hand Sanitizer” as a product of your organization. Reason behind the choosing of this product as project is  

  1. Higher demand of the product.

  2. Geographically, demand is increasing day by day due to the “COVID-19” virus.

Marketing management project on hand sanitizer report

  1. Need Identification:- 

To sell the product in the market you need to identify the target customers. Conducting a market survey for this is an important process.

This survey will tell you 

“How much demand for hand sanitizer is there?”

“For which age group you are going to launch your sanitizer?”

While conducting this survey you should keep these important questions in your mind..!!

  • Demand of product in the existing market

  • Present competition in the market for that product

  • How you can create need among the costumes for your product if already competition is there in the market.

2. Find out target audiences

This is the major step in the process. You need to find out your target audiences under this process.

To sell the hand sanitizer you need to identify your targeted audiences available in the market.

This is important to make a marketing management project on hand sanitizer successful.

You can consider these points in your mind during this process of survey

  • Age of your clients.

  • Geographical location of your audiences

  • Gender of your audience such as Male,Female, Kids.

3. Marketing Mix

Set of activities that are involved to make a strategy befor launching a product within the market.

This is a combination of 4Ps that are as 

  • Product

  • Place

  • Price

  • Promotion

Understand the “Marketing Mix Concept” for your marketing management project on hand sanitizer.

  • Product:- Product is the important part of a business. This is the deliverable that you are going to provide to your clients. 

Here in this project the product is hand sanitizer. Factors that are affecting your product are

  1. Design

  2. Name of your brand

  3. Logo of your brand

  4. Variety of product

  5. Service you are providing

  6. Packing 

  • Place :- Place is another important factor. This is showing that how your product is going to reach up to your selected target audience in the market without any delying in the supply chain.

In other means this is the channel that is going to be used to deliver your product from one place to another or up to your target audiences.

Factors that impacting this are

  1. Network of distribution

  2. Warehousing network

  3. Transportation

  4. Inventory

  5. Order process

  6. Coverage of market

  • Price:- This is the main factor that will decide the success of your marketing project on sanitizer

You have to choose a price range carefully according to the competition in the market. 

Choose the price carefully. It should not be very low or not be very high. Prices of products should not impact your target audience.

If you considering the hand sanitizer as your project then you have to consider factors as 

  1. Cost of raw material

  2. Cost of manufacturing

  3. Pricing policies

  4. Payment methods

  5. Credit policy that you are going to follow.

  • Promotion:- The last P from the 4Ps is the promotion. Your marketing management project for class 12 on sanitizer will not go to completion without this P.
    Promotion means how you are going to promote the product means hand sanitizer. You need to consider the various channels of marketing to use for promotion of your product such as 

  1. Advertisement

  2. Sales network

  3. Press releases

  4. Internet marketing

  5. Social Media Marketing

4. Analysis of profit:- Each business has a common goal that is to make profit. You have to identify how you are going to make profit from this marketing management project on sanitizer

Profit is the amount that is left with you after deduction of the overall cost of manufacturing.

For calculation of your profits you need to consider the factors such as 

  • Cost of raw material

  • Cost of production

  • Cost of transportation and distribution

  • Cost of manpower

You can calculate your profits as 

Profit= Total revenue- (Production and Promotional Cost)

5. SWOT Analysis:-  Project of your business will not be complete until you do not conduct the SWOT analysis of your business.

Here is the detail about SWOT analysis in the project on hand sanitizer for school.

  • Strength:- This shows the strength of your product that you are going to deliver to users. Strength can be as 

  • Quality

  • Price

  • Taste

  • Flavour

  • Weakness:- It means the area where you need to have focus to improve. These factors are as 

  • Network channels

  • Network of distribution

  • Quality

  • Marketing

  • Workforce involved in business

  • Opportunity:- Opportunity means from where your product will get the benifits such as 

  • Any government policies

  • Expansion of networks

  • Threats:- Threats means where you are lagging behind within your competitors. You will have multiple threats as a new brand in the market.

  • Experience of your team

  • Competitors policies of business

  • Marketing techniques

Conclusion of marketing management project on hand sanitizer

Marketing management project on hand sanitizers hold multiple opportunities in the market.

It will teach you how you can start your business from zero and make it successful.

We wish you best of luck for your future and this project.

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